U-Wear Spirit Store

Welcome to the U-Wear Spirit Store!

Angie Davis


Hours beginning August 7
Monday, Tuesday & Friday 10: a.m. to 5 p.m.
Wednesday – Closed
Thursday 10 a.m.to 6 p.m.

The U-Wear Spirit Store will be open until kick-off on all home varsity football games, and during special events which will be advertised at the time. Hours subject to change.

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Union SchoolsThe U-Wear Spirit Store, located on the west side of the UMAC, makes it easy for you to show everyone how big a Redskins fan you are with a complete line of Union apparel and goods. In addition to a wide variety of clothing, the U-Wear Spirit Store offers items for your desk, car and even jewelry. New items are shipped regularly and sales are frequent.

Convenient store hours and friendly staff also make it easy for you to purchase items for family and friends – or yourself. Proceeds from the sale of licensed Union apparel and other items help pay for the operation of the store as well provide additional revenue for the Union Public School District.

U-Wear Spirit Store makes shopping a pleasure

The U-Wear Spirit Store features a large storeroom and two dressing rooms. Ample parking adjacent to the store makes shopping more convenient, without disturbing students at Union High School.

New items arrive on a regular basis

New items arrive at the U-Wear Spirit Store on a regular, often daily basis. Big sporting events or activities sponsored by the school are often commemorated with a T-shirt or something special, providing students, alumni and other fans ample opportunities to collect a souvenir of that special Redskin moment

Customers are welcome to call the U-Wear store at 918-357-7465 if they have any questions. Better yet, take advantage of our convenient hours and friendly, helpful staff and drop in: see what exciting changes have been made to the U-Wear Spirit Store. We look forward to serving you and appreciate your business, which means so much to the students and parents of our school district. See our Logo Policy

U-Wear Manager

In addition to handling orders and selecting merchandise  – apparel, memorabilia and specialty items – for Union. The manager works with high school students who gain marketing experience by volunteering their time. The manager also monitors the use of Union’s official logos – which are registered trademarks – on clothing and goods.